Hello, Tansi (Sounds like Ton-say/it means, Hello in Cree.) Welcome to my blog. This is where I share information about other picture book writers until I can share my own picture book with you.

Hello, Tansi, my name is Bev K. Taylor, I live with  husband Jim and our dog Blackie in a cozy home High Prairie, Alberta, Canada. I grew up on a farm north west of my home town. Now I’m writing about my childhood experiences. My favorite memory is picking wild berries on the farm with my brothers and sister. Then I would watch mom make jam. Mm!

I’m currently a member of SCBWI Canada west chapter so I can continue to improve my writing and illustrations. I’m also a volunteer for SCBWI Society of Childrens Book Writers & Illustrators to post on Twitter about picture books. I also find attending online conferences easier from the comfort of my home because I am physically challenged. 

So I’m continuing my picture book education with the Storyteller Academy as a Makers Pro member by studying online, with Arree Chung and his picture book writing team. I’m also looking forward to the PICTURE BOOK SUMMIT on OCT 3rd 2020!

Write On!

Bev K. Taylor

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